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P L A T F O R M  1

From Belturbet to Belleek

It's nice to get away every now and again. Last summer saw Stephen paddle 89km from one end of Lough Erne to the other. He says he heard no banjoes.

Our passion for the environment sees us out in it when we get the chance. It also means that we search for the best environmental solution to any design project, whether it's the items produced or the ways we connect with clients.

We began Platform 1 determined to provide creative solutions for clients with excellent designs and to make a positive contribution to the world – this still drives us today. Looking at our client list you can see how many are directly involved in social change.

We believe in ethical practices too; working with us, you get the fairest possible price and when we need to work in partnership with others to get the job done, we'll tell you.

Why not give us a call and see what we can do for you today?